Katra's Basbaas : Traditional Organic Somali Spicy Sauce

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About Basbaas

Basbaas is the Somali word for Chilli. Somalia located in the Horn of Africa was an important centre of commerce with the rest of the ancient world. Somalia was known for its spices amongst other commodities.

The art of preparing Basbaas has been passed on from generation to generation preserving its authenticity. One can enjoy an ancient and exotic culinary experience enjoyed by traders who sailed from continent to continent in search of these spices many millennia ago.

Basbaas is unlike any other spicy sauce. Instead of leaving a burning sensation and overpowering other tastes, it works to complement with a touch of extra flavour.

Basbaas is made from locally sourced, vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free fresh ingredients. It is hand-crafted in small batches as has been for thousands of years.


You can consume basbaas with absolutely anything: vegetables, meat, sandwiches etc

Made with love!

Basbaas strikes a perfect balance between spice and flavour without being overwhelming. Katra makes it with love, soul and genuine passion for taste. She sources all ingredients locally from the fresh markets of Sydney.

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About Katra

Khadra's (Katra) journey begins in Mogadishu, Somalia where she was born. Katra and her family fled the war and found refuge in Cairo, Egypt. It was whilst growing up in Egypt that Katra learnt how to make Basbaas from her close relatives.

Egyptians and Somalis share a great history of trade. This made sourcing ingredients very easy.

Katra relocated to Australia as a teenager bringing her rich history, culture and the ancient Somali culinary traditions.